Saturday, September 20, 2008

This election is different

This election is different. There is a unique energy. It is more massive than the felling in the air when the Eagles are in the playoffs. Like winning the lottery or flipping ten heads in a row, this is a rare opportunity in our nation for the people to show that we are stronger than our weakest links. People have climbed from under the rock of apathy to the hill of hope. They stand there proud, nervous and energetic with a desire to see their guy win.

I am not supporting Sen. Obama because he is black or a democrat, those are secondary factors. The primary reason is because of the parts that make him who he is. He is a father, writer, senator, former community organizer and law professor, husband, progressive political ideologue, and intellectual that has the political tenacity to climb the ladder of politics without getting too dirty and getting close to the top in record time. The American people can get it right. Having a black man do this is not extraordinary. The greatest accomplishment of this election ultimately will be the American people voting at the intersection of the nation's future and their personal interest. We can show that world that we can put or historic apathy and ignorance away and embrace progress.

Political analyst Paul Smith, a graduate student at Rutgers notes that Obama can win if he wins all the states Kerry won in 2004 plus one swing state that has more than 20 electoral college votes, such as Ohio.
This election's results man hinge on the counting of every vote, without mysterious elimination of names of people in the records or machines that functionally breakdown.

I hope that this election influences the tone of Camden's mayoral & council election next year. There will be a few people running for office that represent old ideas, ineffective methods, and an irrational addiction to injecting dirty politics in every decision. We must assure that smart, dedicated people are recruited to run and are supported.

As election day approaches, remember that the last day to register is October 14th. There is a presidential debate on Friday, September 26th.
Power to you and power to the people.

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