Thursday, April 24, 2008


The was a shooting along Mt. Ephraim Ave. last night. Several people were injured. According to witnesses, shots were fired across Mt. Ephraim Ave. as cars drove and pedestrians walked by.

The information on the Courier Post is incomplete, in that it does not include the severity of what occurred. According to witnesses, young drug dealers violently protected their drug set by trying to those who interfered with their business.

My opinion: This type of violence is by design. Some young stupid Black men have fallen into the trap of a failed system. This is what happens when leaders care more about control than progress. this is what happens when generations continue to make the mistakes of their elders. This is what happens when people turn their life over to crack cocaine. This is what happens when the community lays down its political power and lets the police force be responsible for its safety.

Not long after the shots were fired, people were right back on the street as though nothing happened. The violence, deaths, and blood have become normal and acceptable. Smoking weed, drinking Henny and Remy, throwing trash on the street, and walking in pajamas is now okay. Being so poor that $25 Section 8 rent is too high is common.

We can blame them for being irresponsible, but we can also blame a school system that graduates students from Camden High and Woodrow Wilson High that cannot type, use a computer, solve 8x +5x=80x, or know the difference between their, they're, and there. We can also blame non-profit organizations that are great at getting grants, but bad at creating sustainable solutions.

What is happening to our community? When will we stop allowing our children to die from the implicit racism of low expectations? Do you know what we can do? If so, please offer some suggestions at the bottom of this blog or e-mail me at

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