Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Back

Once I started going to Rutgers full time and decided to change the way I participate in the local political region, I decided to stop blogging. Only a few people read it, barely no one ever commented, and sharing my thoughts only made me more enemies. 

Now that I am a school board member, my opinion of local politics has completely morphed. I am maturing, but have the temperament of a grumpy old man. Somehow, I more active than ever and more prepared than ever. 

So, I'l start writing again. I have to be careful. I'm starting a family and have to keep all options open about my participation in this city. However, I can share things that already discussed publicly and elaborate on ideas or issues.

Have you noticed less articles about Camden? Murder and Mayor Dana Redd's press conferences are the only things regularly covered about Camden. Some of the reporters that covered Camden have quit the Courier Post and both papers are sharing the fate of paper journalism around the nation. Matt Katz is still working hard. 

So, come back and read about what is going on in a small section of local government and politics. It will informative and interesting.