Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Board of Ed. election

The following people are candidates for the Board of Education:

  1. Kevin Barfield
  2. Sara Davis
  3. Edward Torres
  4. Vernon Hill
  5. Lola Moore
  6. Dr. John Gilliams
  7. Martha Wilson
  8. Jose Delgado

The number indicates the ballot position.

  • Dwaine Williams withdrew his name
  • The election is on April 15th
  • This is the first election in three years. Under the takeover legislation (MRERA), three of nine board members are elected. The others are appointed by the governor and mayor.
  • The names is bold are currently elected board members.
  • The name in blue is a former board member.

Source: The Office of the Board Secretary

More information about the election will be coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Keep Up the good words!

Anonymous said...

Press On!

Anonymous said...

I know a good way for the mayor to leave a good legacy behind how about resigning because you have done nothing good in your time as mayor, this time stay retired. Tell your assistant to stop harrasing people on election days its bad enough she scares away people with her bad hair do. 10 years she kisses the mayors butt and all she got out of it was a salary decrease. I have some more mayor jokes. I didn't even know Camden had a mayor. Is it necessary for the mayor to walk around with 4 bodyguards Britney Spears only uses 1. I didn't know you could leave a legacy behind doing nothing.